Lithuanians' International Heraldry Foundation invites and unites all the honest and proud people of the former Grand Duchy of Lithuania, people of all nations who respect and recognises the identity of our country. We are bound by our love for Lithuania, pride of all the eras of it, from the prosperity of The Grand Duchy of Lithuania to the uprising and fights for freedom in attempts to preserve our national identity, recreate unique coats of arms and symbols of our country. Lithuanians' International Heraldry Foundation pays particular attention to the heraldry of The Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

The Foundation makes every effort to improve the image of Lithuania and the emigrants of the country, to remind of the greatest events and occasions in the course of our history, and to re-introduce the forgotten heraldry of Lithuanian nobles. Many commemorative events have been organised, like the one in Saint Andrews Church in Dublin, to remember The Battle of Grunwald, where stylised heraldry of Lithuanian noblemen was reconstructed.  Coats of arms „Liubičius“ („Lubicz“) and „Ereliukas“ („Szaszor“) have been mention as early as the 14th century, and the coat of arms „Danskietis“ („Dantiscus“) is known since the 16th century.

In joint efforts with our friends and the Heraldry Foundation, on the 22nd of April Lucevičiai family herald „Novina“ has been presented in Minsk, Belarus, in the museum of Janka Kupala. The event attracted great attention of media and has been honoured by the attending members of the Lithuanian embassy in Belarus.

At Daina Art Gallery in Butrimonys, Lithuania, Heraldry Centre has been founded by Darius Miliauskas who  is a professional stonemason and is also one of the initiators of the Heraldry Foundation.

Lithuanians' International Heraldry Foundation is a non-profit organisation that has been established by emigrants from Lithuania to encourage Lithuanian communities in foreign countries gain positive experiences, invest their time and energy for the good of the country and people, and provide emigrants with  motivation to return to the homeland. At the moment, Lithuanians' International Heraldry Foundation has members in Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, and in Lithuania.